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Conscious Chair

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A brilliant circular design collection, Matek is Mater's latest breakthrough in reusing and upcycling waste. Matek is a new material made with recycled plastic waste and other upcycled fiber-based waste. In the Conscious Chair collection, the raw materials are wood waste, industrial plastic waste, and coffee shells (from coffee bean production). All Mater's wood furniture is made with FSC Certified wood.

Conscious Chair 3162 –  Coffee Waste Light with Soaped Oak Frame, #10001

Conscious Chair 3162 –  Coffee Waste Black with Black Lacquered Beech, #10002

Conscious Chair 3162 - Coffee Waste Green with Green Oak, #10005



Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2006, Mater was created to be a pioneering global brand with sustainability embedded in its core. From the very beginning, the company mission was to inspire and engage people in sustainable thinking. Mater combines sustainability and circular production using waste, with timeless design. Collaborations are realized with both well-established and new design talents. Designed for both commercial and residential use, Mater strives to avoid and minimize any adverse impact on the environment or society, by following ethical and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish them. After years of research on more sustainable ways to create furniture, lighting, and objects, Mater now works with a range of production partners who share their ambition for change to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together, they are committed to discovering new and better ways of making beautiful design - in a responsible way.