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Our Standards

How We Select Our Products

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Forest-friendly wood sourcing. 

All wood must be salvaged, reclaimed, or third party verified from sustainably managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council certified). 

Low- or no-VOC.
Finishes and materials have no volatile organic compound chemicals, or only low levels independently established as safe. No particle board or MDF. 
Free of PFAS, Chemical Flame Retardants, and other harmful "forever chemicals".
Whether for stain resistance or fire retardance, these highly toxic chemicals are not necessary according to current research but they are still very common in cushion foam and fabrics. Household dust carries particles into the air we breathe.
No polyurethane foam (the default sofa cushion), or vinyl.
Both are petroleum-based and mixed with a cocktail of harmful chemicals. They are also non-recyclable and breakdown into smaller harmful particles instead of biodegrading. We sell certified natural latex foam products only, since CertiPUR-US¬ģ certified foam is still made with petroleum and harmful chemicals, just fewer.
Climate responsibility. 
Demonstrated brand commitment to reducing carbon footprint across the supply chain. Some of our products even have carbon data sheets on their full lifecycle. We also purchase high quality carbon credits to offset our shipping.
Circularity for less waste.
Our manufacturers and designers prioritize minimal impact through a product's life, from raw materials, production, consumers' use, to reuse/resale, and take back programs. The goal is no waste, where products can be recycled or upcycled at end of use.
Sustainably sourced natural materials.
Raw materials that are replenishable, not finite, and must be sustainably harvested or managed. Ours include responsibly sourced wood, bamboo, hemp, cork, organic cotton and other plant-based materials. 
Would be waste, transformed.
One persons trash really is another's treasure, when it comes to furniture design. We seek out partners and products that divert waste from agriculture, post-consumer plastic, aluminum and ever-emerging sources.
ÔĽŅHandmade by professionals.
Some designs can only be achieved through handcrafting. We celebrate skilled makers who bring these special pieces to life creating furniture with a high level of craftsmanship.  
Third-party certifications.  
Many of our products have been certified by independent certification programs. Some common ones are below. Certifications provide an additional layer of trust in the accuracy of environmental, social, and ethical claims made about a given product. However, certifications can be too expensive, especially for smaller furniture makers. We do the additional research needed to verify claims when a product isn't certified.