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Who We Are

Our Story | Letter from Our Founder

It all started when I learned indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Even for big city dwellers, like me. I thought wow, how does that happen? 

As a sustainable living expert with a prior career in furniture, that surprising fact spurred a deep dive into the impacts of home furnishings on our health and the planet. By deep dive, I mean about 10,000 hours of research and professional certifications through the Sustainable Furnishings Council and International WELL Building Institute.

I discovered which common furniture materials and chemicals are harmful, and can make our homes unhealthy. Which kinds of furniture damage the environment most, and how. 

Excited to share my research, I authored the first comprehensive online guide to sustainable furniture for a leading sustainable living website. At the same time, I started building a furniture portfolio of the best alternatives out there with an eye for safety, eco-friendliness, and style. 

The universe aligned when I was hired to source sustainable furniture for a couple and their young daughter. The wonderful pieces I curated filled their home with beautiful furnishings that reflect their values.

But the journey of finding truly sustainable, nontoxic furniture was very challenging. Even with my experience. Greenwashing, misinformation, and partial truths are rampant.

That’s why we founded UrbisEco Home. We make it easy to shop for truly sustainable, nontoxic, and stylish furniture.

L. Christina Cobb, Founder and CEO

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